What is Beacon and its importance. Things to know!

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Have you heard any word named Beacon recently? Yes it is making a fuss around for quite a time now showing its industrial use for better human, material and time resource utilization.


We all know what is tracking but we stand back in line when comes with technology that is used. Beacon is a tracking device or tracking device is Beacon, where it has become a synonym for one and other. Beacons are cute, small and beautiful noise making device giving out sounds such as “Hey I am here” all round the clock which is a signal for others to find their locations. The Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a technology used by beacons for their communications, which is done at the rate of 1 second ranging to Nano seconds based on their utility importance.

We might ask ourselves

“is beacon a new and robust technology of our time”, well if this is your thought I must tell you that you neither correct nor wrong. We must acknowledge the fact that we are aware of beacons quite before we know the technical utilities of them. The mobile phones around us is an example for static beacons where we get calls based on our unique I.D which will be answered later by us, here the two mobile phones are acting as beacons for one other.

We had a crisp and brief explanatory context above, on Beacon which I hope would have taken you to very basics yet put you in illusions and contemporary thoughts but now I wish to take you through my supplemental presentation below with all the necessary information to analyze and draw a descriptive understanding of beacon, its use and its technical implications step-by-step.

The key points to remember before navigating to decision stage will be discussed below with clear and basic examples helping you to choose different types of Beacons used for different types of industrial needs before purchasing one as follows

Beacons, Distance sensitive: 


The beautiful tiny beast are used in a range where its most importance lie because shorter distance will have high in detection rates over longer range. They act as a distance calculators configured in a device to track tags in a stipulated distance. As we all know the use of mobile towers around us which has distance coverage area where we get singles when we were close to it or otherwise.

Beacons have greater life-span:


The life of beacons is indirectly proportional to its coverage area as we go with smaller range we have longer Bluetooth drive durability and Vise-versa. The life-span may go up to 10 years with little maintenance lead time. The Bluetooth low energy signal goes weak with increase in distance but with the modest price value for beacons making it an easy device to purchase on a lot and put it at shorter range for greater connectivity.

Beacons are frequency device:


We are familiar with word, frequency which is sounded around us in mobiles, radio and microwaves etc., in fact beacon frequency is no way different from frequency of above devices but the technology for these frequency may change. We know beacons use Bluetooth low energy technology with frequency transmitted via Bluetooth at different frequency standards.

The standards may differ with respect to your business needs such as one who has a resource capacity of 1000 in a work space of 10000 Sq Ft. would probably deploy 20 – 30 beacon receivers  but this number might go high for better accountability.

Every beacon has its unique I.D which helps in identifying the movements with frequency as tool for communication.

Do beacon help in hacking:


I have got this question a lot in my way with beacons but facts cannot be folded. The only language beacons speak is “Hi, I am here” which helps in identifying the beacons but not the data still as far as data is concern we will discuss in the next point in a detailed way.

The beacons have no code, no back-end process but only one thing it tells you whenever you are close to it is “ Hi, I am here”  but nothing else.

Thus beacons make hackers go crazy and stupid with no clues in hacking. Thanks for “Hi, I am here” LOL.

Beacons are not internet connected:


These devices are not Internet of Things but connected in legacy methods making it rustic and resistant to hacking (laughing) as discussed in No.3. It is a primitive device in process but robust in technical advancements giving it a niche tag for resource management service. Its primary duty would be sending out signals or packets saying “Hi I am here” irrespective of time and place just like an lighthouse where it sends light as a signal but never mind about the ships coming in its way.

Independent of platforms:


Beacons are designed to stand unique with platforms and their operational processes. Apple has introduced iBeacon which is same as the rest available in market but with the change in packet layouts. You may have doubts whether iBeacons can be seen by other devices like Windows and Android, it is absolute “yes” as an answer because beacons are physical devices that receive signals but the layouts for packets may differ with the manufactures. The combination of iBeacons and Beacons can be used across customer base as it is independent to platforms.

Customer insights will be known easier:


The beacons will shoot the signals across its coverage range and detect the device which is capable of receiving it. The beacons can be assigned with particular signal purpose which later can be perceived by the receiver, decoded and this information helps for an organization to know your customers shopping patterns and thus beacon helps in navigating your customers in a right place in a right time for a right shopping experience.

Automates your buying and selling experience:


Beacons are first deployed to track and analyze the resource utilization but with unleashing research power we have lighten to new dimensions that spread to vast area of utilization than ever before. We all know how important the stock management and its warehouse maintenance in a vast production company. They take up most of the care put for a company as a whole because stocks determine companies’ production credibility and lead time reduction boosting manufacturing process. A beacon does a stupendous job in finding the stock availability and redirect to buying process with no manual operation cutting down lot of time automatically making it device for time saver.

Beacons can be deployed for material management in industries which cuts down the human error in purchasing recurring order in a single go with follow-ups and warehouse maintenance in combination with productive ATM suite published by Beacons industrial pioneer apptómate Digital.

We have come across 7 key points to remember about Beacons to choose the right one for right business need. apptómate Digital developed Beacon business suite helping clients to explore power of resource management with the combination of software and hardware.

Hope you got all the necessary inputs to take from here but if you need any further assistance in implementing Beacons at your Work place or company with the most affordable price and easy installations, feel free to reach out at