Data Analytics is a process of data inspecting, cleaning, transformation, representation which evokes better understanding of data segregation of useful and critical information for derivation of conclusion and decision analytics.

  • Data Inspection is a process of braking whole data structure in to tiny components for better understanding of useful and error free data converting it to much clear and easily decodable linkage.
  • Data Cleaning is a described as eliminating duplicates or errors where problems arise in the way the data is entered and stored. Even after processing and organizing data it is not meant for segregating as numbered elements, columns and many more info are iterated, thus it is more important for cleaning the duplicates.
  • Data Transformation comes in force where the data that is organized and cleaned needs much enhancement through further inputs for better understanding about the data structure easy future maintenance.
  • Data Representation helps in presenting mathematical formula’s and algorithms for data to identify relationships between variables, thus giving an user friendly experience in extracting the existing data.