Ecommerce design and development

The primitive tool in the world of digital merchandise is Ecommerce. Accelerating your digital business with clear strategy is the paramount importance in engaging and to customer conversation.

Our long deep digital presence helps our clients in understanding their market value to strategize their Ecommerce performance.

Discovery phase

The deep dive learning in digital business has made us to sketch detailed approach for crafting your Ecommerce project.

Our business-customer centric approach visualizes your extended market growth and draw significant solution for long term business expansion to your company. Magento has become a physical identity for user centric experience. It gives us the ease of designing, development and customization which is the proprietary characteristics.

Development phase

The analysis team which has put down the list of requirements for the business customized solution will break it in to blocks and create the tailored ecommerce solution.


QA and Testing will take the last section before your site getting deployed in live environment.

The site is incorporated with UI/UX design for prime user experience which is critical for digital customers.

Our design strategy and development has now authorized customers to experience rich transaction in a website across channels to have a seamless functional ability.


Matter of technology disruption, the Ecommerce site should be nurtured for your business in a move for revenue generation.

Our ability and technology understanding makes us easy to optimize modules, themes and store interface customization for matching the need and taste of your customers with powerful payment process to stand out of the crowd.

Magento commerce Migration and Upgrade

We, with our masters help sites to ingest magento from design, support and building at any point of the course.

This platform gives commerce sites a cutting edge advantage on its ease in work, reliability and easy up-gradation where our masters will add a sharp utility point to track your customer shopping trends and experience.

Our digital vision in apptomate has nurtured strategic resource planning for Magento collaborating at its initial release of version 1 from 2008 with extensive development for a decade gave a cutting edge expertise to work on Magento 2.2.x which is more powerful and reliable E-Commerce version than ever before.

Migration and upgrade include,

  • Category Migration
  • Product Migration
  • Order Migration
  • User Migration


Magento consulting and development

Our masters in Magento will help you in 1. Magento work potential 2. Best version in the platform to give tailored solutions for your business goal. 3. Design and development.

Magento commerce

The exclusive features and its leveraging capabilities will help in high revenue generation with ease at maintenance.

It has high flexibility, stability and adaptability for every business size from small, medium and enterprise. Its efficiency to your business will be explored by our masters for customized solutions.

Magento integration and upgrade

The customer trends are demanding for integrating or upgrading the CMS platform for your business, our experts with detailed understanding with the current trends will help leverage their insights for ease in implementation and upgrade, while the current customer experience is not interrupted.

Ecommerce Maintenance and support

The criticality of business and website maintenance is high. We understand the importance and created largest support and maintenance team to deliver quality service for businesses from small to enterprise.

Our service include,

  • 24/7 tech support
  • System backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Bug fixing
  • Malware identification and termination


Our tech procedure and engagement works with the online ticking system helping clients to resolve their problem with accuracy and importance.

Our managed services provide clients with dedicated developers, account managers and SEO masters to help grow your online presence with ease.

Digital Transformation Solutions

The technology convulsion created digital disruption where a digital transformation solution for your business has become important texture to engage with clients. We create strategies to optimize your digital presence to optimize and deepen your customer relationships.

Our experts with resource rich insights craft their strategies to change over your static or legacy commerce system to robust digital Ecommerce with Magento. Our custom frameworks help your business to choose transformations of your choice but our expert recommendations.

We served 293 clients to achieve their commerce digital upgrade from legacy with digital transformation solutions meeting their business goals with UI/UX design strategy and AI driven chatbots.

We work for your digital presence and Ecommerce value realization.